3 tips on how to survive the NorCal wilderness in high style

One thing I have worried about moving here to the Bay Area is that outdoor hiking and beach activities will take over my weekends and I won’t have anywhere to wear my fancy clothes. After all, office culture can limit a girl’s creative flair when it comes to fashion (though not too much, as will demonstrated in my next post) and though I love few things more than a beautiful sea-side hike, it is not always conducive to fashionista-ing. Or so I thought….

Here I will share 3 tips on how to survive the wilderness in your very fanciest clothes.


Tip 1: You must wear comfortable shoes

This does not, however, mean that they cannot be gold and sparkly. People tend to assume – wrongly – that gold sparkly shoes are not built for comfort. It turns out that I have yet to find a more comfortable pair of shoes than these Gucci loafers. Of course, you do want to avoid getting them muddy or wet, so it is advisable to have a sherpa who can carry you and your shoes through any rough patches of the hike. The added benefit of a sherpa is that they can also double as your photographer. Just make sure they stay focused on you and your shoes and not the distracting nature and scenery around you.

IMG_4945 (1)


Tip 2: Wear a coat that can double as a sleeping bag

The Bay Area is notorious for warm sunny days and freezing cold nights, so be prepared. Fortunately, very large, warm, oversized coats are all the rage this year. I love this one, by Marella, that I got for a steal on Vestiaire Collective. It’s a cashmere/wool blend, sure to make your practical, polar-fleece wearing friends jealous. I find it goes particularly well with this floor-length, silk-blend dress by Paul & Joe, which also makes for great warm-weather hiking gear: so light and airy. You may also have noticed that I have removed my Gucci shoes and have given them to my sherpa, along with the rest of my previous outfit, in anticipation of crossing a small stream. Which brings me to my last tip …

IMG_4699 (1)  DSCF1175 (1)  IMG_4947.jpg

Tip 3: Always bring at least 3 changes of clothing, even for day hikes

You never know what you might encounter out there in the wild, and it’s always better to be prepared.


5 thoughts on “3 tips on how to survive the NorCal wilderness in high style

  1. This is awesome! The best fashionista post I’ve read thus far! Can you help me with fashion while serving out my prison sentence in a wheelchair? Shoes are probably my biggest challenge…love you my talented niece


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